COVID-19 – Thanks and Gratitude to the TOR2 Teams

COVID-19 – Thanks and Gratitude to the TOR2 Teams

March 31, 2020 Off By TOR2ltd

Thank you to everyone who has sent in thanks and gratitude to our front line teams during this difficult time……..

Well done we appreciate your efforts – M.P

 Our bin men are golden, thank you – L.A 

Grateful Thanks – T.T 

Top team, Thanks – E.J 

Well done to you all – P.T 

You are all brilliant, thank you, thank you, thank you – Y.L 

Thanks to all at TOR2 for continuing to work in these difficult times – J.K 

Absolute Heroes – A.M 

They do a wonderful job that is so vital to our carrying on with things, at home, or if unavoidable, work – Cherry Tree Hotel

We stuck a thank you note on our bin but unfortunately the rain got to it under the laminate. Hope the guys could read it. We appreciate you – S. J 

A big thank you to the team which came up Castor Close, Brixham. Amazing job the guys are doing and it makes my twins day every week they see them. Please can you pass this on, a big thank you from me and my family – R.A

Well done TOR2 despite the crisis our waste and recycling has been collected on the usual day and even the usual time – P.B

Being indoors and ordering online seems to generate so much more recycling, thank you TOR2 #Keyworkers #Essentialservices we are so grateful – J.W

Recycling guys are brilliant at the moment , always smiling and calling their good mornings to people, well done – J

I would just like to thank you for your rapid response clearing the mess left by irresponsible people up our way, I would love to find out who it is, it is just laziness on their part, so once again thank you very much, stay safe and healthy – P.T

Thank you for everything you guys do for our residents throughout the Bay, it is appreciated – C.P

Massive thank you to our bin men. So grateful for them. Made a cake and a poster for them and they were so grateful. Not as grateful as we are for their ongoing work. Thank you so much –  N.R 

I would just like to say thank you to everyone working there for trying to keep Paignton’s streets clean especially at this time, I know this can be a challenge at the best of times. I would also like to send an extra special thanks to the guys who cleared the rubbish from the bottom of Crown and Anchor lane this morning, who took all the small bins away and replaced them with a second large skip, you have just made my life so much easier as I was usually out there 3 times a week with gloves, moving bags from an overflowing skip into the smaller bins whilst everyone else sailed down the lane and walked passed the mess. Thanks again and stay safe.- R.P

You’re doing a great job, Thank you – T.R 

Well done everyone, stay safe – D.B

Thank you for all you are doing in these scary times, keep safe all of you – E.AT

They are super lads – C.R

Please pass on my thanks to all of you. Not a pleasant job at the best of times, but so appreciated. – P.MR 

They do a fantastic job, thank you all – M.J 

The recycling men and bin men are absolutely fantastic, thank you so much – B.M

Your teams have been doing a great job in the current crisis – S.M

 Thank you and take care – R.A 

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone working on the front line during this awful covid-19 outbreak, collecting our refuse and everything else. Thank you. – S.J 

Thank you to all the TOR2 staff for their vital hard work at this crucial time – S.L

The guys who empty our bins are amazing – K.B 

Thank goodness you are coming to keep the bay tidy in difficult times – S.W 

The bin men do a Stirling job, thank you so much – L.C 

I for one appreciate everything these guys (and gals) are doing during this crisis. – S.H

Fantastic job guys, can’t say a bad thing about our bin men, just stay safe. Well done, we do wipe our bin handles and boxes. – S.D 

Thank you to you all, you’re doing a great job, stay safe. – A.Y 

Thank you for keeping our streets clean and tidy – C.R 

You guys are doing a fantastic job – A.C

Thank you all. We appreciate everything you do, especially at this very difficult time. Stay Safe. Keep well. – S.D

Thank you all – especially during these difficult times – much appreciated . – M.C

They are brill – Thank you guys – L.J

Super Duper – Thank you so much for keeping our road side collection cleared, this means a great deal to every household. Stay safe all you wonderful people – L.M

You don’t get enough praise well done, all year round – L.H

Well done and thank you – P.T

Thanks for emptying our bins – S.M 

Thanks for still bringing some normalcy to our lives – E.J  

A big thank you from Cambridge Road, your efforts are truly appreciated – S.M

Thank you, very grateful – A.B

A very big thank you from us to all the front line teams at TOR2. We appreciate your efforts under difficult and testing conditions. – Torbay Resident

Will you thank your men for working so hard during these difficult times, they’re always pleasant and very helpful. I feel they should be thanked along with NHS Workers, Carers, Teachers, etc. I am sure you get complaints but I felt they should be thanked. Thank you – C.D

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone working on the front line during this awful COVID-19 outbreak, collecting our refuse and everything else. THANK YOU – S.J

I would like to thank you and the TOR2 team for continuing with your service delivery during this time of crisis. May you all stay well and safe – J.B

Big thank you to you all, just sat here listening to the guys taking the recycling and ‘big bin’ and thinking how under appreciated you all are so once again a massive thank you. – C.L

I would just like to say thank you to the waste and recycling crews for still during a fantastic job during this difficult time. They haven’t missed us once yet, long may they be able to carry on. – T

At this time we are all applauding the NHS for their wonderful work. The majority of residents as walnut court would like to APPLAUD the team members who empty our refuse bins at this very trying and stressful time. We really are most grateful to all concerned, thank you. –  R.G

Made by my daughters aged 11 and 7, their dad is a driver. Thank you – L.T



Many many thanks for emptying our bins today – J.H

Thank you to you all for keeping going and continuing to provide a great service during these challenging times. Many Thanks – Resident of Torbay


Thanks to you and the staff for continuing to do the job – A. M

 Thank you to all the teams. You do a great job all year round. Much Appreciated – S.D

Thanks for doing a great job, it is appreciated- A.M

Thank you, we have never had a problem with our household waste or recycling being collected. You do a great job all year through. Really appreciate you all. Well done guys – M.W

Thank you. I went out this am and got the big bin in and said thank you to them, they are keeping the country going. Well done all of you. – E.A

You are doing such an important job and bringing a bit of normality into our daily routines. – E.J

Thank you to all of you – L.A

Thank you. Great Work. Appreciated – J.S

Thank you all so very much – K

Thank you – S.H

Doing a grand job, Thank you all – M.C

Thank you to all the crews that do a brilliant job, and also all of your street cleansers, they do a terrific job of keeping our streets clean and tidy, thanks again guys – A.C

 I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the rubbish collectors. This is a vital service and I really am grateful. They are still smiling and cheery too.

Keep up the great job and stay safe – L.H

Got no complaints from us, stay safe guys  – D.J

Thank you all for your essential and much appreciated services, stay safe – M.C

On Tuesday 4 February 2020 at 11am the bin men emptied Torridge Avenue recycling bins, my niece was waving out the window and all the bin men waved back. I’d like to say a massive thank you, and you are doing a great job.

Thank you for carrying on and putting your lives on the line, so much appreciated – L.J

Thanks for everything you do, stay safe – C.S

A big thank you to them all – Y.L

Thank you – S.H

Stay Safe Guys – S.H

In these difficult times I would like to express my gratitude to all the wonderful people who are working through in order to keep our rubbish from building up.

Thank you all so much for carrying on. My son is a keyworker, grateful, thanks for your services –T.T

May I say a big thank you  to all your teams for the heroic work you are all doing during this very worrying and scary time we are going through, much appreciated,  hope you all take care and keep safe please.

Could you please pass on my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the refuse and recycling collectors for turning up and doing a job handling waste. I am so grateful and would just like them to know they are appreciated. Thank you – Greenover Road, Brixham

Thanks to all delivery, refuse and cleaners – C.S

Just wanted to say, your men who picked up our black bin were very polite and friendly, keep up the great job, I live on Fernworthy close, Torquay, like to give credit where credit is due.



Keep up the good work!